Friday, January 13, 2012


Its 2012, and I have been reverting to the past. I think my subconscious is literally forcing me to catch up on everything that I missed out on, because it believes the world is going to end this year. For example I have been watching nothing but old movies. I saw the Big Lebowski for the first time last night, and it was great. The whole time I was watching it I felt like such an idiot for not seeing it sooner. I would write a review, but the movie is almost 14 years old by this point. Meaning that there are hundreds of reviews already available. All I need to do is watch Braveheart, and I think I can be content on my process to be caught up on movies. I know I haven't seen Braveheart, and I have no excuse not to. There are plenty of days where I have five hours to spend watching Braveheart., but I haven't watched Braveheart for the same reason I completely mismanage this blog. Because I can. God Bless America.

The only movie I have literally been clamoring to watch is Goodfellas. I haven't seen it in forever. It is one of my favorite movies, but I cannot find it anywhere in my house. I will find that movie before I move away in the coming weeks.

I have been trying to build my website myself, and it is one of the most taxing processes I have ever been apart of. The taxing process is watching all the videos on youtube that teach you how to build a website. The odd thing about these videos is that they are all narrated by foreigners. I know that might sound a bit racist, but when there's a British preteen clearly going through puberty describing a lasso tool for nine minutes, it be really draining. Instead of saying lasso he's pronouncing it lashsaw. My problem is the temptation on creating my site in the easiest way possible. I could easily modify my blogger or create a wordpress, buy a domain name, and just say its my website. I just really want to create it myself. But I might just cave in and modify this stupid blog into a website.

I am really looking forward to my move to Los Angeles. It just seems like a better place. My move away date is creeping up on me, and I probably won't get to see everyone. I'm totally cool with that. If it wasn't for social networking then I'd probably make more of an effort to see everyone. But lets be honest. I'm not going to jail or I'm not joining the army. I'm just moving to a different state. If anybody wants to hang out before I leave let me know. I am fortunate enough that my co-workers are throwing me a going away party, which I hope will turn into a one man roast of everyone. I would love to roast them. The only problem is that they are all nice people. All I know is that I'm leaving pretty soon, and I'm not prepared at all. I might have to pack up all my stuff in a bandanna and hop on the back of a train.

This post totally sucked, and I know that.There couldn't be more nonsense in this post. I could paste a bollywood script, and it would be more engaging than this stupid post. Here's why this is such a bad post. Because I am procrastinating on doing stuff. For some reason my nights are way more productive than my days. Tonight I am going to continue to work on my site, read a book, and write jokes. Also I got so many fact books for Christmas. Which is awesome, but now my stupid head is filled with the most mind numbing thoughts. I'm just walking around my house and all of a sudden I start thinking "Did you know you never see bay spiders? Because they are invisible and literally in the thousands. What if there are some in my glass of milk? Why am I still drinking this?" I feel like I'm gonna be that guy at the party that will rattle off facts to sound smart. Even though I know nothing about the subject other than a four sentence long summation of that subject. What I'm trying to say is that I am dumb, and now I own a lot of books that breifly explain intriguing subjects. The problem with this is that I am too lazy to look for the facts become educated on these facts. Another problem with these books is that it doesn't matter to what page on the book you flip too. Because everything in the book is interesting. It doesn't follow a plot. Its just a lot of facts. Which means that I will reread a lot facts without realizing it. These books are like watching any list show on VH1. Because it doesn't matter where you start, its all the same, and eventually Hal Sparks will annoy you. They should have just titled these books "Now that's what I call interesting vol 23" I love these books, I just hate what they do to me.

Juice of the week: Netflix


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